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Hypno-Massage?  What is it?

It’s the best of both worlds! The mind and body connection is a real thing, the psyche and subconscious hold on to everything! from the time of conception to the time we leave this realm. It holds on to all the lovely and not so lovely events in our lives and it creates safety nets to match those events. The conscious mind sees those safety nets and creates fences (AKA addictions, fears, anxieties, etc.) to keep us “feeling” safe. Those safety nets and fences may have once served us in our lives, but the longer they stick around they usually become hindering to us moving forward and progressing in life. Negative events can run deep into the physical tissues, affecting the fascia (connective tissue), muscles, bones, organs and the cells of the entire body system!

So I have put together two very healing modalities that complement each other in their services and their healing potential. Hypnotherapy (Hypno) and Massage Therapy go hand-in-hand. Hypnotherapy can enhance your life and remove blocks via the psyche.
The session is comprised of a 90-minute talk/ discussion/discovery period And a 30 minute prep-period and a 60 to 75 minute Hands-On light to medium pressure Swedish massage.

It is recommended to receive 3-5 sessions to layer the effects, continue to remove blocks and walls that pop-up, remind your psyche that we mean business and to keep you moving forward. You will need a quiet, calm, uninterrupted space/room for this type of work!

Discovery Period: (75-90 mins) we talk and dive into some of the past events that may have put up some of those nets and fences. So being open to this process is of the utmost importance for ease of finding a root cause to your hindrances.
Prep-Period: (20-30 mins) this is where I put together the things you have said into a usable hypnosis format. Since we’ll be at your home you can run off and have a snack or do laundry or cuddle with a loved one and I will let you know when we are ready to proceed.

Massage time: We’ll get you on the table (I’ll step into the washroom and wash my hands) and you’ll get on the table in a massage-receiving-mode. I’ll take you on a relaxing journey, combining my voice that you’ll hear and hands you’ll feel, to release heaviness that is holding you back and add progressive and life-enhancing phrases to help move you forward to your goals!

Neural Reset Therapy (NRT)

This is a unique and impressive technique in the bodywork field. It is a clothed modality with a pain-free and a lightning-quick interactive technique. You help me to help you. If you have chronic pain, something that has been nagging you, an old injury that flares up with stress, you have limited range of motion, or you just don’t like intense deep tissue massages, this is perfect for you!! It’s all the effectiveness without the strong pressure or undressing!

It reduces and can dissolve age-old scar tissue, unbind and unwind dense or bound up connective tissue, increase range of motion, soften tense muscles and make you feel like you can move better and with more ease!

This technique uses a method that speaks to the nervous system. It has 23 years of research and evidence behind it. The creator, Lawrence Woods, has dedicated his life to finding a technique that had the possibility to work 100% to reset the muscles. He was tired of the short-lived, 50/50 results, that he found elsewhere! NRT–is that powerful technique!

Try it, your muscles and body won’t believe their eyes! The effects last the same as or longer than any deep tissue, myofascial release or cupping therapies.

Sessions are 90 minutes to 3 hours in length. 90 minutes for one to two problem areas with clothed NRT only.

But if you still want that lovely feeling of a hands-on, manual deep tissue massage it’s recommended to schedule the Combo Session of 2 to 3 hours with the clothed NRT happening first and then I step out of the room and you get on the table for the remaining 30 to 90 minutes for the yummy deep tissue that you know and love.

These sessions will leave you feeling like a new person! Your body will be able to move in ways that it couldn’t because it was fascially tied down for weeks, months, or even years! It will feel like freedom!

Sarga-Ashiatsu Foot-Pressure Massage

Do you like deep tissue massage?
Do you like strong pressure in your massage?
Do you like broad pressure versus pokey-finger pressure?

I know I do! When I felt this massage for the first time, as a client, I knew I had to learn how to give it! It is such a solid, slow, deep tissue and broad pressure. It feels amazing! This session is done on the floor with a special setup made just for the Sarga massage session. You lie on a massage table without legs and rest your head and face in a face cradle (like in a regular massage session). The only difference is that the table doesn’t have legs. I use a “Sarga Silk” to anchor myself to the table and to give me a leverage to push into your tissues with my bare feet. My feet are cleaned and sanitized and used to apply amazing and drool-worthy pressure to all typically massaged areas of the body.
These sessions run 2 hours at minimum and 3 hours max. You pick your length. Set up and breakdown takes 45 minutes each. You need to be home but not present in the room before and after the session, for the set up time, so please plan accordingly.