Jessica Eck

Massage Therapist

Getting to the root to help you grow your best life.

About Me

Thanks for stopping by to read my Bio at Focus and Flow Massage. I am Jessica and have been a massage therapist since August 2016, I love this career and guiding clients on their healing journey! I am very passionate about offering the best therapeutic massage services I can and am ALWAYS striving to learn and grow. I offer top of the line techniques and healing modalities to give my clients the most profound results possible. It is so important to me that my clients feel safe, comfortable and heard in their sessions! I am always open to client requests before, during and after sessions to make sure they have the best experience possible. 

My Approach

There are 3 modalities that I have found to be the most beneficial for guiding people out of pain and into health and wellness!

One of the best techniques is called Neural Reset Therapy (NRT), the effects are deep and the sessions are interactive. It’s a technique that communicates with the nervous system to reset the connective tissue and muscles instantly without pain or discomfort! This technique can begin to release the layers of chronic pain patterns (like layers of an onion) in a minute or less! No matter how long you have had the scar tissue or chronic pain from injuries or surgeries NRT can help to dissipate and resolve tension and restrictions in just 1-3 sessions!

My second favorite technique to use is Gua Sha, if you’ve never experienced it, you’re missing out! This technique is thousands of years old and releases stagnation and tightness in connective tissue and muscle knots very quickly with a light sensation and minimal to no pain! Most clients say that it feels like a comforting back scratch. Many times something called ‘sha’ will come up to the surface of the skin, little red or purple speckles that can last 2-5 days, these are not harmful to the body in any way. It usually happens more in tight areas that are impeding blood flow and the natural healing process of the body and its tissues in various different ways.

Third is allowing emotions to come up as they may with Zero Judgment. Sometimes people laugh or cry and don’t know why, in this space, you are safe to feel! Stagnant emotions can build up in the body causing blockages which feel like pain and illness! Letting these emotions flow out is powerful, and can aid in ones healing process!

I enjoy putting all of these, plus many other techniques and modalities together into my sessions for the best results! If clients partake in their healing journey by making positive changes at home or in their lifestyle choices, results are always stronger and quicker!  I look forward to meeting you where you’re at, and together helping you reach new heights; physically, emotionally, spiritually!

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