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Take a break from your daily grind for some much-needed self-care. 

At Focus and Flow massage arts we’re here to deliver relaxation and healing directly to you. Whether you are recovering from an injury or recovering from life, we have just the massage for you.

The Focus and Flow team is made up of Jessica Eck and Derek Thompson. 

We love mobile massage, where you’re able to enjoy a high-quality, professional massage right in the convenience of your own living room, from 90 minutes to 3 hours of bliss delivered to you!

Schedule a highly specialized and detailed massage just for you!  

You’ll be amazed by our ability to target spots you didn’t even realize needed relief. You always deserve to feel your best. That’s where we come in!

Mobile Massage Arts

Swedish Flow

You are about to enter into a world full of relaxation! This bliss allows you to sink into the massage table, feeling good in your skin and becoming present with your heart and mind. Get the them into unison again! It’s a light to medium pressure with full sweeping strokes up and down each limb of the body, helping to move lymph fluid for optimal health. Complete with essential oils and a dim lit room.

Neural Reset Therapy (NRT)

This is a unique and impressive technique in the bodywork field. It is a clothed modality with a pain-free and a lightning-quick interactive technique. You help me to help you. If you have chronic pain, something that has been nagging you, an old injury that flares up with stress, you have limited range of motion, or . . .

Sarga-Ashiatsu Foot-Pressure Massage

Do you like deep tissue massage?
Do you like strong pressure in your massage?
Do you like broad pressure versus pokey-finger pressure?
I know I do! When I felt this massage for the first time, as a client, I knew I had to learn how to give it! It is such a solid, slow, deep tissue and . . .