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Gua Sha: Key to Pain Relief and Tightness

Gua Sha: Key to Pain Relief and Tightness

When a client comes to me with chronic pain they want to get rid of, I know exactly what tool to reach for in my tool belt – Gua Sha. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese scraping technique that uses a flat-edged tool to soften tissues and muscles to facilitate myofascial...

NRT – To alleviate your chronic pain!

NRT – To alleviate your chronic pain!

Are you looking for a technique to alleviate your chronic pain? Chronic pain can feel despairing, hopeless, and overwhelming. Many people are burdened by chronic headaches or migraines, back pain, neck pain, chronic knee pain, carpal tunnel and old injuries; all which...

New Business Name & Website, Expanded Quality Service!

The transformation of BEAM Massage into Focus & Flow Massage Arts, offering additional services & extended hours with our new LMT Derek Thompson

Client Testimonials

Jessica provides a wonderful service with mobile massage.  She creates a calming atmosphere where I can fully relax and enjoy the session.  A great listener, Jessica addresses my health concerns with finesse using her intuition and training to treat my muscle tension and help me feel better.  All of my family uses her services and we all highly recommend her!  ~Susan J.

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